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The dust from the Aggregate Industries depot is so thick, it can be seen on this satellite image, discolouring trees and bushes, south and west of the depot. The smudge across the map extends to reach two schools in the area, and that is just the pollution that can be seen from space!


Is Chelmsford's industrial pollution affecting your health?

If you live in the centre of Chelmsford, maybe you should be concerned about the health impacts of the industrial fallout caused by the Aggregate Industries depot in Brook Street.

Learn more about the affected area


The Full Story

This blog is here to document our battle for clean air in Chelmsford.

Having complained about the air pollution from the Aggregate Industries Depot for years,  and continually being fobbed off with excuses and promises, we are at our wits end.

We have spent years documenting the problem and sending it to anyone who will listen, with no results. So, we decided to make some of that evidence public on this blog so that we can expose the hypocrisy of the company that so proudly proclaims it is saving the environment, while putting the health of Chelmsford residents at risk. 

Are you a whistleblower?

If you have inside information about Aggregate Industries, Holcim Group, or any other information as to why government agencies seem so reluctant to do their jobs, you can contact us in complete confidence.

You can contact us by email:

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